Executive with 30 years experience as CFO

It is already 30 years since I was selected by the German multinational Siemens for his executives training plan in Germany for 3 years. It was one of my best professional and human experiences, since not only it served me to learn a profession, but also to obtain a personal incredible baggage, to learn languages and to know people from the whole planet.Already before that, I had been working in Ireland and the cultural shock impressed me.

After being employed at Siemens during 10 years as financial controller, I decided to join a new project in year 2000 in what in those days it was the brand new business: the electronic commerce! And inside Netjuice holding I learnt to coexist with rounds of financing, crisis in Stock exchange, HR restructurations processes…

After 2 intense years, I decided to return to the physical market and to contribute in the opening of the Iberian subsidiary of the American multinational Skechers, where since then I am the CFO. My C.V. is available in Linkedin.

During my infancy and adolescence I was dancer during 10 years of the Classic Ballet of Madrid. Though at that moment I was not conscious of it, with the time stated that it was  the best business school to learn leadership, companionship, teamwork, spirit of commitment and overcoming but especially that with effort and believing in a project there are not impossibles!!

In year 2015, convinced that the changes in the society are done only with a personal implication, I co-founded EJE&CON a Spanish Association for Female executives. I am part of the Board (Treasurer).

My most recent project, where I have put all my energies, is the literature with the books RRetratosHHmanos and RRelatos HHumanos, where with my group of escRHitores we try to show the reality of the companies from its more human facet putting people in the center, where they should always be

Today I have two new challenges, professional growth towards the teaching (I am currently associate professor at University Complutense of Madrid and at Geneva Business School) where I can share my knowledge and experiences with the new generations and to achieve that my two daughters continue being  both the  wonderful persons that they are today; their constant desire of learning and their energy are contagious and extract the very best of myself.

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